How to Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO): Processes & Methods

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

Cannabis oil is a marijuana concentrate that is great for easy dosing of THC. Weed oil has been made for decades, and over that time, there have been many different and innovative methods created. These various methods include:

  • Rick Simpson Method
  • Supercritical Carbon IV Oxide Extraction
  • Butane Blasting Method
  • Distillation

We chose just one method to detail for this article: the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) method. So let’s take a look at how to make Rick Simpson Oil.

Rick Simpson Method


  • Marijuana
  • Isopropyl alcohol

Note: We recommend a pound of marijuana to 2 gallons of isopropyl alcohol. It is a litre of isopropyl alcohol for every 2 ounces of weed. 


  • Coffee filters
  • Plastic funnels
  • Two food-grade plastic buckets
  • Long spoon (wooden is best)
  • Stainless steel rice cooker
  • Cooling fan
  • Clean plastic bottles
  • Coffee warmer
  • Cooling fan
  • Syringes


  1. Place the marijuana into one of the buckets. 
  2. Slowly add about half of your isopropyl alcohol, then mix well with your spoon for five minutes.
  3. Once all the alcohol has been added, the marijuana should be fully immersed in the liquid. Continue mixing and mashing it all together for five more minutes. The mashing ensures that all the resin is washed away from the weed. The resin holds the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. 
  4. Use a lid as a filter and pour the liquid into the second bucket. Be careful so that no plant material ends up in the second bucket.
  5. Next, add more alcohol to marijuana in the first bucket. Then, fully immerse the weed and mash up well with your spoon.
  6. Once again, use a lid as a filter and pour the liquid into the second bucket. All the plant matter should be in the first bucket, and all the liquid should be in the second bucket. Two rounds of washing the weed should be sufficient. If you wish to rewash it, be sure not to mix the solvent with the liquid from the first and second rounds, as this will dilute the final product. If you do the third washing, it will be appropriate for topical use only, not oral. 
  7. Once the washing is done, rinse out the first bucket. The remaining plant matter can be used to help fertilize other cannabis plants. Allow the liquid solvent in the second bucket to settle for a few hours.
  8. Once the solvent has settled, place a coffee filter in a plastic funnel, then place the funnel into the neck of a plastic bottle. Slowly pour the solvent through the filter. Do this several times to be sure no plant particles remain in your final product. Your solvent should be a dark yellow colour when you are done.
  9. In a well-ventilated space, set up your rice cooker and your electric fan. Never make cannabis oil close to open flame as the isopropyl alcohol is highly flammable. 
  10. Position your fan so that it will blow air towards the bottom half of your rice cooker. The fan will prevent alcohol from catching fire.
  11. Place your dark yellow solvent into the rice cooker, but do not fill it to the top. Instead, leave a bit of space at the top. This step will separate the solvent from the cannabis oil. A rice cooker works well due to its preset temperature settings. For example, Isopropyl alcohol evaporates when heated to 181 ℉, while cannabis oil does not vaporize until 300℉. So the temperature you are trying to reach for decarboxylation is between 210-230℉. 
  12. Set the rice cooker to its highest setting. If you have too much liquid to fit in the cooker all at once, you can add the remaining solvent once it has cooked down some. You will see steam escaping the rice cooker and may hear crackling sounds; This is normal.
  13.  Continue to cook until the level of the solvent is around two inches deep. Then, add about ten drops of water to the solvent. 
  14. Turn off the rice cooker once it switches to its lower setting and allow the oil to cool for five minutes or more. 
  15. Next, warm the oil in a coffee warmer. Use a stainless steel cup.
  16. Last, take the oil from the coffee warmer once it stops bubbling. Allow it to cool before drawing it into syringes for use. 


Storing Cannabis Oil

We wouldn’t want to tell you how to make oil in our weed oil guide but not tell you the best way to store it. To ensure the optimal shelf life for your cannabis oil, you must properly store it. Cannabis oil’s shelf life will differ among different storage conditions. It is also essential to store your cannabis oil indoors in a dry room to reduce mould growth.

If needed, you can use a dehumidifier to lower the humidity. Check your cannabis oil often to ensure it is still safe for use. In addition to moisture, avoid extreme heat or cold. Opaque containers with a tight seal are ideal. If needed, you can store your cannabis in the fridge. THC oil tinctures can last years if stored in the right conditions and containers. 

How To Buy Cannabis Oil in Canada

We hope you enjoyed our weed oil guide. Weed oil is highly versatile so that you can pick your preferred method of consumption. Cannabis oil offers many benefits that you won’t find in other marijuana products. You can also conveniently buy THC cannabis oil online in Canada or get same-day weed delivery in local areas. 

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