How to Make DMT

DMT is a natural hallucinogen with a long history of spiritual usage. This compound is found in many plants and is an essential ingredient in Ayahuasca and other brews. You can find synthetic, lab-created DMT these days, but it’s also interesting to try the traditional version. Our DMT recipe walks you through the basics of how to make DMT. If you prefer not to buy DMT online in Canada, explore this traditional method and see if you want to try making DMT for yourself. 

How To Make DMT: Ingredients

  • Roots from the Mimosa hostilis plant
  • Water
  • Non-caffeinated teabag
  • Honey, lemon, ginger, or other flavourings


How To Make DMT: Tools

  • Peeler or paring knife
  • Cutting board
  • Saucepan
  • Stove or hot plate
  • Large mug or bowl
  • Strainer


Where To Find Mimosa Hostilis To Make DMT

DMT is naturally found in many South American plants. The Mimosa Hostilis plant is a traditional source of DMT. Featuring beautiful leafy fronds, delicate pink blossoms, and a mature height of up to 8 feet, mimosa trees are native to Mexico, Brazil, and other parts of South and Central America. 
Mimosa leaves and bark are used in many natural pain remedies. The roots of this plant are rich in DMT. You can look for mimosa plants online or through your local gardening supply. Since mimosa trees are attractive ornamentals, some people like to grow them indoors. 

How To Make DMT: Step By Step

Carefully scrub your mimosa roots. First, peel or pare the outer skin, then chop the root into pieces about an inch long. 
Place one cup of water in the saucepan and bring it to a boil.
Once the water is boiling, add your mimosa root pieces. Lower the heat. Let the mixture simmer for 15-20 minutes, then remove from heat. Pour the mix into your large bowl or mug and cover with a plate to keep it warm.
Boil another cup of water. Add your teabag and honey, ginger, lemon, or other flavours. Remove from heat and let steep for 5-10 minutes.
Combine the two mixtures and drink.

What To Expect After You Make DMT

Making traditional DMT gives you different results than using synthetic, lab-created DMT. Lab DMT is fast-acting. You’ll typically feel the effects within 10 minutes. Your trip also isn’t very long with synthetic DMT. The effects usually wear off within an hour.
Traditional DMT brews, on the other hand, are harder to predict. It can take 20 to 60 minutes for your tea to kick in. The effects will last between 2 to 6 hours. 

Where To Source DMT

Knowing how to make traditional DMT is an exciting way to keep the heritage alive. However, brewing your own DMT can be unpredictable. If you’re looking for more reliable results, check out premium DMT products from a Weed List featured dispensary, Just Cannabis. You can experience all the mind-blowing effects you want with no guesswork or botanical creations. So explore DMT at  JustCannabis and get ready to expand your horizons. Get nation-wide Weed Delivery right to your door. 


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