How to buy Pot in Ontario?

How to buy Pot in Ontario

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

If you are over 19 and have a delivery address in Ontario, there’s good news for you; you can purchase cannabis online.

Although Canada remains the second country to legalize the use of recreational cannabis, the state laws might not be the same everywhere in the country. So it’s essential first to take a look at the laws regarding the use and purchase of pot. When you’re convinced you’re not breaking any laws, you can go ahead and start thinking about how to buy pot in Ontario or any other state you live in.

Fun Fact: By the way, Uruguay was the first country to legalize pot. It was legalized way back in 2013, while the sale of cannabis in pharmacies was started in 2017

Assuming you’re over 19 and thinking about where to buy pot from in Ontario, you should look no further. There’s Ontario Cannabis Store for you. You can take a look at their website and see everything that you can buy from here.

The Ontario Cannabis Store follows strict rules set by the federal government and is the only legal way to buy your greens. No matter what you’re planning to buy, buying from this online store is the only legal way to purchase all forms of recreational cannabis.

OCS offers a decent range of flowers. If you are a fan, you would love it. From Indica-dominant to Sativa-dominant to Hybrid, they have them all. The online store also gives you the freedom to shop by potency, which means you can buy your plants according to their potencies. Whether you are after higher potency or milder (or balanced) or even lower potency plants, you can easily purchase them from the store.

Other than that, there is even a vape section from where you can buy all sorts of THC and CBD vape cartridges. They have a vast collection of available cartridges and are labelled accordingly with the THC and CBD levels. Not only that, but they also sell vape batteries and even disposable vape pens. The store further offers an exciting range of edibles and other CBD topicals and tinctures. In short, they have everything that you might be looking for. That’s the reason why cannabis enthusiasts love this store.

The ordering and delivery methods are pretty simple yet super secured. The orders are delivered safely to your doorstep, and to accept the delivery, you must verify your age. Unlike other delivery services, they will not leave the good old cannabis package left unattended at your door. So while ordering, make sure you are home at the time of delivery and expecting your order to come.

The only problem with OCS is that it’s an online store

You can go through their website and place an order accordingly. But if you think you can physically enter a headshop and look around for cannabis, you might not want to do that because buying cannabis from anywhere else can be super risky. So even thinking about buying from somewhere else should be out of the question as that’s all red flags.

There is a Limit to How Much Weed You can Buy in Ontario

Furthermore, the people of Ontario are only permitted to buy a dose of 30 grams, which is slightly over one ounce. That is the standard amount of how much of the dried recreational cannabis or equivalent you can buy at a time. The set limit is because it’s considered sufficient for one-time personal use. Just to give you further clarity, here’s a list of how much one gram of dried cannabis is equal to other components:

  •         5 grams of the fresh cannabis
  •         15 grams of edibles
  •         About 70 grams of liquid product
  •         1/4 grams of the concentrates (either solid or liquid)

The only other option for you to buy pot in person is from the authorized cannabis retail stores in Ontario. You can look around and see if you can find any local cannabis stores that are authorized to sell cannabis. Or you can ask or talk to your like-minded friends about it because if there is a legit store around somewhere, they will surely know all about it.

Remember the Rules: The authorized retail stores must have the official cannabis retail seal at their store. It should be a black logo with ‘ONTARIO AUTHORIZED’ written on it. It should be a display and that too at such a place, where it’s easily seen by everybody that walks into the store. If you are unable to find the seal, look around and try to spot it. You can also ask the shop manager or cashier why you can’t see it, and it should be easily visible. If you are still not convinced, it’s better to check out the list of official cannabis authorized stores.

The same goes for the edibles and tropicals. All the same, rules apply to buying cannabis edibles. In short, just remember that anything that is about cannabis or no matter what form of cannabis or pot you are planning to buy, it’s considered the same in Ontario.

Similarly, if you’re 19 or over, you can go ahead and buy your favourite cannabis edibles from their online store, but you cannot further sell them to anyone. Also, you cannot share them with anyone that’s not of age yet, i.e. someone who’s not 19 yet. So make sure to make no mistake about any of it. You have to be sure about the legality of the product (or multiple) that you’re willing or planning to buy.

Only the provincial regulator, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, can grant store licenses. It’s also their job to make sure that all the licensed cannabis stores are running according to the guidelines, i.e. selling recreational cannabis most safely and responsibly.

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