How to Backroll a Joint

How to Backroll a Joint 1

For a long time, at least in modern history, the most common way of consuming cannabis was in a joint. Everyone knows the image. Most of us saw someone smoking a joint, at least on TV, before we even knew what they were. Some fancy looking cigarettes that people couldn’t seem to roll right. And that was before people started trying to learn how backroll and other more challenging methods.  

As society became more health-conscious and people became more aware of the dangers of smoking, users began looking for alternative ways of consuming weed. Eating cannabis was the longest-used method of consumption and its popularity has only surged in recent years. Vaping has also become a popular alternative, as it allows the user to still enjoy many of the same terpenes without the harmful carcinogens found in smoke.

The Classic

These options are great, and the peace of mind they have offered users looking for a healthier alternative cannot be overstated. That said, despite everything we hear about the risks of smoking, nothing can truly compare to the taste and feel of a joint. 

There’s something so satisfying and calming in the ritual of rolling. Evenly spread, finely ground buds…smooth, clean lines…snug filter tip. 

The reality is while we may look for healthier options, joints are not going anywhere. So why not find a way to prepare the joint that reduces the number of carcinogens?

Allow me to introduce ‘the backroll joint’. It’s not only a cool party trick but reduces the amount of paper you smoke significantly, allowing you to taste the flower all the better.

What is a Backroll Joint?

A backrolled joint is essentially an inside out take on the original. The method allows you to burn off the extra paper before smoking.

Rolling papers have a thin strip of glue along one of their edges. Using the traditional style, the gum strip faces up toward you/ the ceiling when you’re rolling. When you feel like your joint is going to hold its shape, you then lick the gum edge, starting from the crutch or filter to the tip. At this point you fold the non-glue side under the glue side, creating as close to a tube as you can. The gum will soften and seal the joint’s edges, keeping your weed snugly inside the joint.

In backrolled joints, you flip and turn the rolling paper over so the gum edge now faces down/ away from you. This style may be hard to do at first, especially the process of removing the excess paper after sealing the joint. However, once you have mastered it, you’ll find that it is a vast improvement to the traditional method in a lot of ways.

What are the Advantages of Backrolling a Joint?

The backrolled joint may seem intimidating at first. After all, it looks rather delicate and, therefore, not as secure as the traditional style. Plus, there’s the risk of the whole joint unraveling even before you lick the joint to seal it. And it will happen to you. Just accept that. Probably even a lot at the beginning.  You will get better at it though, and when it happens you’ll be so grateful that you took the time to learn. 

  • Better Taste – The taste of burning paper affects the full flavor and aroma of your weed. 
  • Looks Better – Less paper means the buds are easier to appreciate from outside the paper. 
  • Healthier – Less rolling paper to burn through means fewer carcinogens. 
  • Provides a smoother, better hit – The thin layer of paper provides better airflow inside the joint giving you a smoother and more consistent burn.

Are You Ready to Learn How to Backroll a Joint?

  1. The first step is to, of course, grind your weed evenly with a grinder. Easy enough.  
  2. Once done, prepare the filter.
  3. Now, grab your rolling paper. The gum edge should be facing down and away from you. buy-weed-online-just-cannabis
  4. Place the crutch on one end and then add your weed. Make sure that you spread it evenly along the paper. 
  5. This is the slightly difficult part. You need to roll the glue part of the paper under and towards you. It should fold over the weed, rolling it to make it nice and round.
  6. The glue end will now sit folded over the cannabis. Simply roll it just enough so that the gum edge is tucked securely and neatly under the roll.
  7. Lick the outside of your joint along the gum edge from the crutch to the tip. The saliva will go through the paper and activate the adhesive.
  8. Let it dry for a while so it fully seals the joint. Once dry, tap the joint lightly to pack the weed snugly. Make sure that it’s not packed too tightly or too lightly. You want an even burn, and packing it improperly can affect its burn rate and your experience.
  9. Finally, the most exciting part: Remove the excess rolling paper. You can burn it off with your lighter, starting from the bottom edge. This looks pretty cool and when done right the lit paper can actually light the joint when it ends at the tip. You do run the risk of the excess paper burning holes in your tube, ruining the airflow. Be sure that the excess paper is not folded over the joint as you want it to burn clean. If you are worried or have been burned by this method before (pun very much intended) than just simply rip the extra paper off, being careful not to tear the joint,

Done? Now, celebrate! Light it up and take a hit.

Other Fun Joint Styles

There are other fun and challenging ways of rolling a joint. You have the shotgun joint, which resembles a shotgun, of course.


Shotgun Joint


There is also the scorpion, as well as the Dutch tulip (which looks like an arrow) and the triple braid.


Dutch Tulip


You also have the complicated-looking cross joint, and plumbers joint with its tiny tunnel in the middle. 

The film that introduced the Cross Joint to the world.


These are fun styles to learn but can be quite complicated to do. So if you’re in a hurry, the traditional style and backrolled joints are still the easiest and quickest methods.

Why not try backrolling in style with a GOLD rolling paper on your next session?!

Shine Gold Rolling Papers

Or take your grinding game to the next level!


Easy Grinder

Final Thoughts

If you want fuller aroma and flavor, as well as smoother hits, then you will definitely want to learn how to backroll a joint. The thin layer provides better airflow and a more even burn and smoother hit. At the same time, its combustion produces fewer harmful byproducts, which is healthier for your lungs.

It takes some time to master backrolling a joint, but once you get the hang of it, it’s going to be your favorite, too.


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