How Cannabis Can Make This Year’s Dry-February Your Best Ever

How Cannabis Can Make This Year

February is fast approaching and many people are planning on doing Dry-February. This involves abstaining from alcohol for a month. Some do it for charity. Others do it for health reasons. Some do it simply to prove to themselves that they can. Doing Dry-February is not just something that you do on a whim. If it is, you may have a harder time sticking to it. After all, it’s a commitment.  For many people; Dry-February helps kick start their journey to being more healthy. So if you want to cut down on your alcohol intake or lose a little weight, then now’s the best time. Not only are you helping your liver, but you may find that you need or want alcohol less than you expected. See how cannabis can make a difference in this year’s Dry-February.

Introducing Cannabis

Doing Dry-February can be pretty difficult, especially if you’re used to having a few drinks with friends on weekends. You have to be mentally and physically prepared for what is to come during the month. Now, some people are divided on using cannabis during dry February; but I fully encourage it. While cannabis and alcohol may both have physical and mental effects on you, they are far from the same substance. Many people use cannabis throughout their days, in moderation of course, with no ill effects on their lives. It is much harder to do the same with alcohol.

There are countless deaths and diseases linked to alcohol every day. There has yet to be one documented case of death by cannabis. Binge drinking can result in serious consequences. Binge smoking results in a nap and a big bill from Dominos Pizza. I am in no way claiming that cannabis holds no potential for harm, or that it can’t be abused. It most certainly can, just like Junior Mints (which by the way I am fully dependant on my daily box of Juniors).

Alcohol vs. Cannabis

What I am saying is that people need to separate the two substances in their minds, as they are not the same substance and it is damaging to cannabis and its users to be associated with the harm that can come from alcohol abuse. If you think that you are binge drinking in the first place, replacing it with cannabis is not the answer. However, if you are going to binge something, it may as well be the one that won’t kill you.

Try using cannabis this Dry-February and see if there are areas or times in your life where cannabis, or no substance at all, would be the better option.

Watch Your Favorite Movies with a Nice Indica or Indica Dominant Hybrid

If bar-hopping with your friends this weekend is going to be tough on you (resisting that tall glass of very cold beer can be hard!), then why not stay home instead and watch the movies you’ve been meaning to see? The Academy Awards are right around the corner. Take this time to watch all of the big films from this year that you might have missed. Or that series on HBO that you’ve been intending to watch.

Make the evening as cozy as possible by creating a fort of pillows and blankets. You might have to explain to your partner why you thought you needed to use the nice guest pillows to fortify your walls, but just explain that the structural integrity of the entire fort depends on those pillows. They’ll get it. Or at least get over it.


A long list of movies and shows to binge-watch, curled up in your fort, wrapped in a warm blanket – sounds perfect right? But let’s make it even more perfect with a nice indica strain.

Indicas have a way of relaxing you and making you feel calmer. They help drain away the day’s stress and anxieties. The right indica can help you focus more on the movie you’re watching. It can also help make the movie more interesting. This is not a new concept, as many users say that watching movies while high enhances the experience. You become more engrossed in the story; making it easier for you to relate with the characters. When given a choice, I’ll always watch a movie after smoking a bit of weed, as it gets me excited and zoned in on the world the film creates.

Some of the top indica and indica-dominant strains for watching movies are:

Skywalker OG
If there is a better strain for watching the over 24 hours of Star Wars content out there, I’ve never heard of it. This indica dominant hybrid will help you melt into the couch and take you to a galaxy far far away.
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Tom Ford
The fashion designer for whom this strain is named after is also one of the best working directors today. If you have not seen his films I HIGHLY recommend them. This strain earns its namesake by its incredibly gorgeous buds and profound highs.
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Go for a Snowy Walk with a Nice Sativa or Sativa Dominant Hybrid

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is very real and while it’s fun to joke about, it can have a really negative impact on your mental health and self-esteem if you allow it to. If you find yourself worrying about losing touch with people this Dry-February, or are upset about missing out on a Friday night at your local pub; take a deep breath and go out for a snowy walk. Ask one of your regular drinking friends to join you. This will help you bond beyond just the drinking pals. You may learn more about each other than you would ever have learned in a loud bar.


Sometimes in life, we create friendships that bare based around certain activities. While it is awesome to have a similar interest to bond over, you don’t want your friendships to revolve around one thing. Be it alcohol or weed.

I have good friends that I came to realize I had no real relationship with beyond getting stoned together. I, therefore, try to make a point of doing some activities that aren’t dependent on us getting stoned but rather allow us to bond over other aspects of our lives. This doesn’t mean you need to eliminate the substance altogether, but it’s good to take account of your friendships and make sure that your bonds are strong and authentic, rather than based out of convenience of getting high or drunk. As a result, I’ve never felt closer to my friends, both smoking buddies, and non-cannabis friends alike.

A Bit of Inspiration

Walking is a good way to take your mind off of your cravings and, at the same time, get exercise. However, if putting on your boots and extra layers of clothing seem like a task, then a good toke or two of your favorite sativa can help get you going.

Some sativa strains are known for their energizing and mood-improving effects. They can help make even the most mundane task seem tolerable and maybe even enjoyable.

Many of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in weed also reduce pain. If the cold weather is causing your back pain and arthritic joints to flare up, know that a nice sativa can help control pain and decrease inflammation. These effects allow you to move freely and without pain, making your walk more enjoyable and satisfying.

Top sativa and sativa dominant strains perfect for a nice walk on a cold snowy day are:

 White Russian
Most people know The Dude, Jeffrey Lebowski loves his White Russians, but we think he would have been an even bigger fan of the strain. A perfect energizing hybrid that takes the best of its indica and sativa genetics.
Island Sweet Skunk
The incredible terpenes help light a fire under your butt, forcing you to leave the house and enjoy all that nature has to offer!


Take Edibles with Friends and Go See a Concert This Dry-February

In the same vein as visiting friends you’d normally drink with, why not go see a concert with them, instead? It can help get your mind off of Dry-February and any cravings you might be experiencing. It also helps increase happy hormones. Music has a way of uplifting your mood and easing away your stress.

Singing along with your favourite songs and dancing to the music also gives you a nice way to burn some calories. Going to a concert with friends also strengthens your bond with them and even allows you to meet new ones.


If you are comfortable with it, why not make the experience even more enjoyable with a few edibles. They also offer a potent high but it doesn’t come on too quickly like smoking or vaping. Instead, it takes some time and slowly builds, giving you some time to acclimatize to your surroundings and get comfortable. By the time the high fully kicks in, you’ll be more in the mood for singing and dancing.

Know Your Tolerance Before You Go

Of note, the high from edibles lasts longer, so when choosing your edibles, check its potency. You want to feel a little baked but not so high that you’ll miss the concert. Some edibles, for example, contain as high as 300mg of THC per chocolate bar. You will only need a small bite to feel a little high. If taking edibles, it is best to know your tolerance before trying them in public. Know what you can handle and remember that it may hit you a bit harder as you are outside of your home and not used to your surroundings just yet.

Edibles we recommend for a night at a concert with friends are:

Boost Gummies and Chocolates
These candies are precisely dosed, so you can rely on them every time for a concise and measured dose. Whether you love sour watermelon or dark chocolate, Boost has something for everyone. Try bringing some of the CBD varities as well, in case anyone wants to reduce their THC high somewhat.
Mota Lollipops
For those looking for a more potent option, these lollipops come with 150mg of THC in each one. The hard candy means it will last longer, and if you can convince security its just a regular candy, you can enjoy it well into the show.

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Final Thoughts

Doing Dry-February is not easy for most people. If it was, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. If you find that alcohol is hard to avoid, know that you are not alone. Much of today’s societal structures have alcohol consumption thoroughly embedded in them.  Try asking a group of friends if they want to go out on a Friday (not in Dry-February), but with no drinks. You will get a lot of confused looks and a few last-minute bail texts. It’s because we have been conditioned to drink alcohol in social situations. You have the ability to change this though. Don’t drink because it’s expected of you. This only continues the cycle. If you are more conscious of your consumption; others may take notice, and you’ll find your group of friends drinking less in general. 

Canadian Cancer Society Dry-February

If you are partaking in Dry-February than why not do so in the name of the  Canadian Cancer Society? You can donate the money you save throughout the month, as well as ask friends and family to sponsor you. The Canadian Cancer Society uses the proceeds from Dry-February to fund their research programs. They also put part of the proceeds into their national support system, which helps numerous cancer patients. Knowing that you’ll be helping those suffering from cancer can help give you the motivation needed to see the rest of Dry-February through.

Starting the challenge and sticking with it may seem difficult at first, but there are other ways that you can have fun, too. Watching movies, going to a concert, or even walking with friends can help take your mind off of the challenge. If you often choose alcohol over cannabis, now is the time to see what you’re missing and how much healthier you can feel as a result.

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