Do You Really Know How to Eat Shrooms?

Do You Really Know How to Eat Shrooms

Written and Fact Checked by: S. Zulfiqar

There are several psychedelic drugs out there; some are synthetic, while others occur naturally. One natural psychedelic is shrooms. They are natural, very potent, and have several means of administration. So, you have decided you want to try out psychedelics and picked shrooms as your poison. Or you already indulge but want other methods that don’t make your mouth feel chock full of dirt? Awesome, we are just about to discuss how to eat shrooms!

What are shrooms
What are shrooms

What Are Shrooms?

Magic mushrooms or shrooms are fungi containing psilocybin. They grow in the wild, but you can also farm them. Psilocybin is a popular natural psychotropic and hallucinogenic substance.

Over the centuries, shrooms have been used in various cultures and religions. However, in 1958, Albert Hofmann identified psilocybin and psilocin as the active compounds in the fungi.

Psilocybin mushrooms are classified as Schedule III substances in Canada. They are illegal and must be sold in a licensed pharmacy or from the pharmacy’s self-selection area. However, its spores and kits are legal as they do not contain active compounds.

Before You Take Your Trip

We suggest that you do a few things before going on your shroom trip, especially as a newbie.

  •     Pick a day: As simple as this sounds; it is crucial to pick a free day for this. Shrooms start to kick in at 45 minutes and last anywhere between 2-6 hours or more. You don’t want to be on a trip while driving, working, or handling machinery.
  •     Choose your setting: Select a location for your trip. This location has to be a place where you feel safe and comfortable because you will experience heightened emotions and sensations. It could be your home or somewhere in nature. Wherever you choose, know how to get to and from there.
  •     Choose a mindset: Get yourself into the frame of mind you wish to approach your trip with. Meditation, fun, or adventure, set it right.
  •     Have your ‘trip sitter present: Remember chapter 86 of Riverdale where Jughead asked Tabitha to tripsit him? Having a ‘trip sitter’ present is uber essential as a new shroom user. They don’t have to be users. Just a caring friend to watch you and get things done in the case of an emergency. Tabitha was a terrible trip sitter, so be sure to get a good one!

Eating Shrooms

7 Ways To Eat Shrooms

Having been around for several years, you can ingest mushrooms in a lot of ways. Ancient Mayan priests used to administer it through the rectum. They did this with the aid of a deer bladder and hollow bones.

Today, your ingestion method is totally up to you. However, you need to know your options to pick a way that best suits you. The following are techniques showing how to eat shrooms;

1.   Chew And Swallow

Eating a mushroom whole is one of the easiest ways to ingest it. First, clean it by washing it under running water or using a mushroom brush. Then, chew properly to secrete the juices and swallow.

Despite being the simplest, this has the worst taste sensation. The shrooms taste like dirt (sometimes dung, too) and cause nausea. Best not to eat before doing shrooms as nausea can be so intense you’d throw up.

Alternatively, you can grind it up into a paste and swallow it. Doing this prevents you from tasting it more than is necessary.

2.   Mixed with Food

Another way to ingest shrooms is by mixing them with your food. Some of the go-to foods for this are pizza, salads, and burgers. Mixing your shrooms with your food can reduce its funky taste and make the experience less nauseous. Note that baking it alongside your pizza would lessen its impact.

You can also mix it into some soup, fresh pesto, pasta sauces, etc. Be sure to eat a light meal as this is easier to keep down when you feel queasy.

Tip: Do not add the shrooms at the cooking stage as the heat can denature the active compounds.

3.   Shroom Tea

You can brew your shroom into a cup of tea. This method saves you from the not-so-pleasant taste and cuts down on nausea. It also kicks in fast as the body absorbs liquid more quickly.

Cut up your shrooms into bits or; the smaller the bits, the better the steep. Heat some water, and when it starts to cool down, pour it over the shroom cuts. Allow it to brew for about 30 minutes, strain into another cup, and drink. You can add honey.

4.   Capsules

Powdered shrooms, empty capsules, a capsule machine, and you are good to go. This method is excellent for discrete and dosed use.

5.   Smoke It Up

Though some people doubt smoked shrooms’ efficacy, you can smoke it on its own or mixed with cannabis.

6.   Edibles

Edibles are a fun way to take shrooms. However, psilocybin breaks down at 190℉ (87.78℃), and you might want to consider no-bake recipes. You could incorporate shrooms in your sweets, cookies, confections, caramels, chocolate, etc.

Shroom chocolates are a favourite. Melt chocolate thoroughly over low heat, throw in some shrooms, pour into moulds, and freeze back up.

7.   Lemon Tek

Recall we said ‘liquid’ shrooms get absorbed faster? Well, this one packs a punch! Ground-up shrooms are steeped in lemon or lime juice for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

There’s no scientific proof yet, but mushroom users believe that the citric acid in the citruses imitates digestive juices. The citric acids, in turn, break psilocybin down to psilocin, inducing a more intense trip.

Caution: A smaller dose is advisable for starters.


You probably came on the internet looking for ways to bypass the funky taste of mushrooms. Or you were just curious about other methods and wanted to try them out. We hope our article on how to eat shrooms will be a perfect guide for your trip. As always, start small and apply caution.


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