Cannabis Dosage Chart

Cannabis Dosage Chart

Perhaps you’re already a cannabis enthusiast and wondering how much weed to take. Everyone, who starts consuming cannabis asks themselves, “How much weed should I smoke?” You may turn to friends to ask them how much they consume or find yourself smoking too much before deciding to look into the correct dose of cannabis flowers. The fact of the matter is, only you can decide exactly how much is right for you. A cannabis dosage chart can help you make the proper dosage decision, and we have provided one below. 

To understand how cannabis works, we need to understand a few critical things.

Everybody is different, and just like some people can only handle a little caffeine while others can drink a whole pot of coffee, some people can only handle smoking a small amount of pot. So how much weed can you smoke? The answer depends on your tolerance level, metabolism, body weight, the strain you choose, and the method of consumption. 


So how much cannabis is enough? 

How does a tiny amount of cannabis make you feel? And how much should I smoke so that I get the high that I’m after? To answer all these questions and help you understand how much weed to take, let’s look at the detailed cannabis dosage chart.


Low Medium High
80 – 150 lbs 12mg 15mg 18mg
151 – 240 lbs 18mg 22.5mg 27mg
Over (>)240 22.5mg 30mg 45mg


Let’s take a closer look at the cannabis dosage chart to understand the proper cannabis dosage for you better. 

According to the THC dosage chart:

  1. If you weigh between 80 – 150 lbs (pounds), consuming about 12 mg (milligrams) will give you a faint high. Smoking more than 12 mg to 18 mg will provide you with a medium-high. And if you consume more than 18mg and reach over 20 mg, you will tend to feel the highest.
  2.  If your body weighs between 151 – 240 lbs (pounds), dosing THC by consuming 15 mg (milligrams) will give you a low high. However, while consuming more than 15 mg, 22.5 mg will provide you with a moderate high. And if you consume more than 22.5mg and reach over 30 mg, you will feel incredibly high.
  3.  If your body weighs over 240 lbs (pounds), consuming about 18 mg (milligrams) will give you a mild high. Smoking more than 18 mg to 27 mg will provide you with a medium-high. And if you consume more than 27mg and reach over 45 mg, you will get the highest.

There’s a similar cannabis dosage chart, but that’s about edible cannabis. Here’s what it looks like:


Dosage (mg) Effects Effects
1 – 2.5 mg Provides moderate relief from symptoms like anxiety, stress & pain Boosted creativity levels
2.5 – 15 mg Slightly more substantial relief from pain Euphoria
15 – 30 mg Even stronger feelings of euphoria It May have adverse effects
30 – 50 mg Extreme euphoria Harmed coordination
50 – 100 mg Highly weakened coordination Adverse impacts such as increased heart rate & pain



According to the cannabis dosage chart above:

  1. It’s recommended that new users dosing THC start with microdoses of 1 – 2.5 mg of cannabis.
  2. The second dose of 2.5 – 15 mg will benefit those with trouble sleeping and consumers looking for giggles.
  3. Doses between 15 – 30 mg are for experienced consumers. People who use cannabis regularly have a higher tolerance level and can consume more without getting too high. 
  4. More than 30 mg of cannabis is for people who have unusually high tolerance levels and those with weak GI absorption of the plant.
  5. Finally, over 50 mg of cannabis intake can only be recommended for incredibly experienced people. If you’re going to consume this much, you’d better be a daily user and have a high tolerance level. 


These THC dosage charts are for general recommendation purposes only. They are not meant to replace medical advice. It’s best to consult your doctor before beginning to use cannabis. As a cannabis consumer, you’ll have to experiment until you find the dose that’s right for you. Everyone is different. You may have a body that reacts to cannabis differently and fall outside of the criteria described above. 

Lastly, pay attention to how weed makes you think, feel, and behave. Start slow. You can always smoke more, but if you smoke too much, you’re going to have to wait for the high to wear off, and that’s a real downer. Try various strains until you find the one that’s right for you. Have an incredible high!

In Conclusion

Remember that everyone is different and will be affected by cannabis in differing ways. So if you are new, start small and work your way up. Another essential thing to consider is to buy weed online in Canada from a trusted source such as Just Cannabis. This way, you can be sure that you are getting top-grade products for optimal results. You can find us listed on trusted sources such as Cannabis Ontario. See what others have to say about our top-grade products and top-notch service.




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