Best THC Strains, Edibles, and Products for 2019

The cannabis industry in Canada may be young, but it is definitely a fast growing one. In fact, market analysts predict that Canada’s cannabis industry will balloon into a $5 billion industry by the year 2021! This number may have been well off the previously estimated sales of $8 billion, but the reason is definitely not because of a lack of interest. One of the main reasons is the lack of supply. There’s simply not enough weed to meet the demand.

Canada’s cannabis legalization also saw an increase in the number of entrepreneurs wanting to dip their toes into the country’s multimillion-dollar cannabis industry. However, the application process can take months to even years. This naturally resulted in a backlog of applications and a lack of licensed producers supplying legal cannabis products to dispensaries.

These factors may have affected sales, but the country’s cannabis industry remains strong. So we’re sure to see sales rise in the coming years, both for medical and recreational cannabis. Producers will also become even more creative and innovative in their products to get a bigger share of the booming market.

As a newbie or simply someone who wants to try something new, choosing among the many cannabis-based products can be pretty daunting. To help you in your search, we’ve created a list of the best THC products in the market right now.

Must Try THC Rich Cannabis Strains

Are you after strains that produce a potent physical and mental high? If you are, then here are some of the best high THC strains this 2019.

Strawberry Banana

Packing a high THC level of about 32%, Strawberry Banana is an Indica-dominant strain at 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Created by DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds, this is a cross between Banana Kush and Strawberry. This Hybrid stain is famous for its uplifting, relaxing, and calming effects. It’s also known to improve focus and creativity.


An all-time favorite of many cannabis connoisseurs, Chemdawg is a popular choice for its high THC level that can reach as high as 32%. It provides an evenly-balanced mental and physical high. Chemdawg is said to be a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, although some say it is a cross between Nepalese and Thai. It has potent uplifting and euphoric effects. It’s also known for its powerful relaxing property.

Godfather OG

Another popular high THC strain is Godfather OG. Its THC level typically ranges between 28% and a whopping 34%. Considered the Don of all OG Kush, it’s said to be a cross between Alpha OG and XXX OG. An Indica-dominant hybrid at 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, Godfather OG produces potent relaxing and sedating effects. It’s also famous for its euphoric and uplifting properties.

Best Weed Edibles

A report done last year showed that the trend of smoking cannabis is declining. As this trend continues to decline, the sales in cannabis edibles are climbing steadily. Consumers, are becoming more health conscious and are switching to healthier ways of enjoying cannabis such as edibles. If you’re after the best cannabis edibles in the market, then here’s a list of the must-try ones.

Sour Kush Kids by Baked Bros

Baked Bros’ Sour Kush Kids is one of the top-selling edibles in the market. It comes in three different strengths. You have 75mg THC, 150mg THC, and 300mg. These award-winning edibles have been named the Best Product during the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup held in Denver.

Kiva Bars by Kiva Confections

Chocolate and cannabis? Yes, please! Kiva Bars is an award-winning, cannabis-infused chocolate bar. It comes in several flavors. You have the usual Milk and Dark Chocolate flavors as well as the more interesting flavors of Mint Irish Cream Milk Chocolate, Tangerine Dark Chocolate, Ginger Dark Chocolate, Espresso Dark Chocolate, Blackberry Dark Chocolate, and Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate.

Espresso Dark Chocolate and Ginger Dark Chocolate contain 100mg THC and 100mg CBD. The rest of these delectable bars contain 100mg THC, no CBD.

Cannabis Candies by Ed & Bills Candies

These sweet and delicious cannabis candies come in a variety of flavors. You have the usual favorites of strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, grapes, cherry, and peaches. One pack of these cannabis contains contain 200mg THC. With 20 mouthwatering candies per pack, you’ll get 10mg THC each sweet treat.

Best Cannabis Products

If you want something that can help relieve some of your medical problems, then try these award-winning cannabis products.

Savor by Whoopi & Maya

This award-winning topical rub was specifically formulated for women suffering from premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea. One jar of Savor contains 50mg THC and 12mg CBD. It also contains essential oils, white willow bark, ginger, St. John’s Wort, among others. These ingredients work together to relieve menstrual pain and cramping as well as relieve mood swings.

Red Cannabis Oil by Spectrum

Spectrum’s Red Cannabis Oil won first place in the 2018 Canadian Cannabis Awards for Top High THC Oil. One 40ml bottle contains 26.3mg/ml of THC and 0.5 mg/ml of CBD. Indica-based cannabis oil produces potent relaxing and uplifting effects. It works wonders for people dealing with mental health problems such as chronic stress as well as depression. It may also be used for sleep and chronic pain.

CBD Drops by CannTrust

If you’re hesitant to try a high THC cannabis oil, then try CBD Drops by CannTrust. This product is last year’s first place winner in the Canadian Cannabis Awards, having won Top High CBD Oil. One 40ml bottle contains 1000mg CBD and 80mg THC. It also contains several terpenes such as caryophyllene, myrcene, humulene, and linalool. This product may be used for chronic pain and inflammation as well as depression and chronic stress. It can also be used for sleep problems.

Of course, there are other cannabis products to enjoy. You have bath bombs that contain THC and CBD. Bathing in cannabis bath bombs helps relieve body aches and pains. They also help relax the muscles and promote restful sleep.

We can also look forward to cannabis-infused beverages. If market analysts are correct, cannabis beverages could potentially be one of the biggest sectors in the cannabis industry.

These are just some of the best high-THC cannabis strains and products in the market right now. But once the grower and regulatory issues have been ironed out, we can expect more creative and innovative cannabis products from these companies.

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