Aztec God


Premium Batch: Aztec Gods Magic Mushrooms Review

Not too much is known about these elusive magic mushrooms. Legend has it that some brave souls went on a trek in Central America to forage for these shrooms.

Whoever it was, they intended to track down the magic mushrooms that the ancient Aztecs used in what is now modern-day Mexico. The only problem is, the mushrooms that the Aztecs used were a species called Psilocybe aztecorum.

This species of magic mushrooms love to grow on wood and is quite different from the Psilocybe cubensis we know and love. One thing is for sure, this strain is P. cubensis and not P. aztecorum.

So that means that either someone did find Aztec Gods’ magic mushrooms in Central America, or maybe they were a cross between two strains. The only thing we know for sure is that this strain appeared not too long ago.

Aztec Gods Magic Mushrooms Effects

These magic mushrooms are a strain that will take you deep within your own mind. It’s introspective and will reveal to you deep personal insights.

Aztec Gods is a strain that’s almost meant to be taken spiritually. The highly introspective nature of these shrooms makes them perfect for speaking with the gods.

However, to get a truly spiritual experience, you’ll need to take enough and make some preparations. Those preparations will make it so that you’re totally relaxed and ready to open your third eye.

These preparations basically boil down into a well-studied concept called set and setting. The setting is your physical environment, while the set is your mental environment.


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